On a glorious day in 1993 the first official BaileyWorks messenger bag was sold from a small shop in Portsmouth, NH. But the roots of the company originally took hold across the country amidst the bike messenger culture of California. 

San Francisco’s steep hills and tightly packed streets were a true proving ground. Constant exposure to the weather, heavy loads, and the occasional road rash demanded a better courier bag. It had to be made from durable, high tenacity fibers. It had to be ingeniously simple. More importantly, it had to take the abuse only a bike messenger could provide.

The demands were heard. Prototypes were handmade and tested. Countless hours were logged. The result was an extremely tough bag ideal for bike messengers - one that lasted longer, rode snugger, and was easier to access. Unsurprisingly, a well-built, durable bag had mass appeal. It was equally effective for pedestrians and students, for the young and the old. 

Which brings us back to 1993, when those experiences made their way back to Portsmouth, NH. BaileyWorks was officially born.
After 18 great years in Portsmouth, BaileyWorks moved into the historical Mill building on Main Street in Newmarket, NH. Here the company set out to continue what they started in Portsmouth: utilitarian designs rooted in the idea that handmade is simply better, and that American companies don’t have to send their jobs overseas in order to succeed.   

BaileyWorks delivers on that promise. It continues to design and build amazing bags by hand. The enterprise has grown and the bags have evolved, but at the end of the day, BaileyWorks is undeniably the most durable bag made in New Hampshire.